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Close your eyes and picture Brazil: its tropical smells, its mixed colors, its music... Its fabulous music. Can you picture it? Well, Brazil is all that and even more. No, we're not overselling it. When you think about Brazil, you necessarily think about the myths of Rio de Janeiro, Carnival and futebol (soccer), the country's famous trilogy. But this country the size of a continent, founded over 500 years of small and bigger stories, overflows with wealth and a few clichés on postcards can´t do it justice. From colonial cities to deltas of tropical islands, from adventures in the Amazon to concrete jungles, Brazil overflows with contrasts, exuberance and emotions. Here, the unforeseen is familiar and routine is uncanny. And if Brazil sometimes is hit by melancholy, it bounces back straight away, taken by the vibrations of the hard-wearing samba. Brazil is a country for curious and insatiable travelers. This country is capable of a lot, but certainly not of leaving you unfazed.

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