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                     Wild landscapes of Northern Australia                      

After a getaway in the vibrant city of Sydney, this itinerary will take you to the North of Australia and its virgin landscapes. One after the other, three different luxury lodges will open your their doors. You will first stay in the middle of the wetlands, then in the huge El Questro reserve, to finish with a seaside vacation on the heavenly Lizard Island!



  • Day 1: Sydney
  • Day 2: Sydney
  • Day 3: Sydney
  • Day 4: Sydney
  • Day 5: Sydney - Darwin - Bamurru Plains
  • Day 6: Bamurru Plains
  • Day 7: Bamurru Plains - Darwin - Terres Arnhem
  • Day 8: Terres Arnhem
  • Day 9: Terres Arnhem - Darwin - Cairns - Kewarra beach
  • Day 10: Cairns - Lizard Island
  • Day 11: Lizard Island
  • Day 12: Lizard Island - Cairns


Day 1: Sydney

Transfer from Sydney airport to your hotel

You will spend the night at The Langham hotel in Sydney.
Included : transfer arrival, room

Day 2: Sydney

Your private guide will meet you at your hotel. Together, you will head for the historic district of Sydney: the Rocks! You will find there some of Australia's oldest monuments, that were built back in the 18th century by the first European settlers. Your guide will give you plenty of information about Sydney's history. Then you will walk to the east of Sydney harbour, and more precisely to the Royal Botanic Garden. This garden is the main green lung of Sydney. From there, you will enjoy beautiful views over the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Afterwards, you will walk through the wealthy eastern suburbs to go to Watson Bay. From this peninsula, you will see both the ocean and the bay. At the end of the matinee, you will go back to Circular Quay to have lunch.

You will spend the night at The Langham hotel in Sydney.
Included : lunch (no drinks), english speaking guide, private transport, private tour, room

Day 3: Sydney

With its lovely buildings, its numerous lookouts and of course its huge bay, Sydney is a good place to learn how to take beautiful pictures or to improve your skills under the guidance of a professional photographer. During 4h, you will discover some of the hidden gems of the Sydney Harbour and try to take the best pictures ever! Your coach will also give you some tips to stimulate your creative eye... You will then be able to take some really nice pictures during your trip!

You will spend the night at The Langham hotel in Sydney.
Included : excursion (shared), local english-speaking guide , room

Day 4: Sydney

There is more to do in Sydney than visiting the Opera House and crossing the Harbour Bridge! During this day, take time to discover some less touristy places and behave like the locals. Depending on your preferences, several options are possible. Paddington has plenty of designers' shops. Every Saturday, a nice open-air market is organized. North of Sydney, Manly is the place to be for all surf lovers! You will find there some beautiful beaches and bush walks. In the Chinatown district, you will have the opportunity to buy souvenirs for less and to taste some Chinese food!
Enjoy a 3h private cruise in Sydney Harbour! On board your catamaran (SeaWind 1000 or similar), you will discover one of the prettiest bays in the world. From the deck, you will have a uninterrupted view of the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, the Watson's Bay and several creeks. Why not dropping anchor in one of them?

You will spend the night at The Langham hotel in Sydney.
Included : cruise, room

Day 5: Sydney - Darwin - Bamurru Plains

Private transfer to Sydney airport.
Domestic flight Sydney - Darwin (not included).
You will continue your journey by boarding a private aircraft at Darwin airport. During 20 minutes, you will fly over spectacular plains and billabongs, before landing at Swim Creek Station, only 20-30 minutes away from your lodge.

You will spend 3 days at the Bamurru Plains luxury lodge, where you will live a unique experience. Both chic and authentic, the Bamurru Plains will give you the opportunity to discover some of the wildest lands of Australia. You will wake up in front of vast virgin areas. There is nobody around, except for kangaroos and buffalos! Lunch and drinks are included, as well as guided safaris and day trips. You will spend the night in one of the "Safari Bungalows".
Included : transfer departure, domestic flight, all inclusive, room, local english-speaking guide

Day 6: Bamurru Plains

You will spend a new day in the Bamurru Plains region. Many different guided tours are organized, just make your choice! For instance, you will have the possibility to take part in a 4wd tour in the bush or a walk in the forest. Airboat tours among the wetlands are also available, and might give you the opportunity to see some crocodiles! Cruises on the River Sampan are another option. These activities mostly take place early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Then you will spend another night in your luxury bungalow.

Day 7: Bamurru Plains - Darwin - Terres Arnhem

From the Bamurru Plains, you will take a private plane to reach your next destination, the Davidson's Arnhemland Safari Lodge.
Max Davidson, one of Australia's most renowned bushtuckers, will share you his passion for the incredible environment of the Arnhemland. Thanks to his passionate exploration of this part of Australia, he developed strong ties with the local Aboriginal communities. He will help you understand the mysterious culture of the first inhabitants of Australia. During your stay, all the meals and tours are included. There are no itineraries: everything happens spontaneously. The guides will do everything they can to meet your wishes. One of the options is to discover the Rainbow Serpent. This place is covered by Aboriginal rock art and your guide will help you understand the meaning of the different symbols.

You will spend the night in one of the Deluxe Cabins.
Included : room & breakfast, domestic flight, lunch, dinner, excursion (shared), local english-speaking guide

Day 8: Terres Arnhem

There are so many things to do and to discover in the Arnhemland, that it is difficult to write all of them! Here are some examples of the great experiences that you will be able to live:
- Rock galleries and Catacombs: Discover galleries of Aboriginal rock art and learn more about the history and the painting techniques of the local Aboriginal communities. Walk through the catacombs that display signs of mortuary rites.
- Outdoor experiences: Explore the rainforest areas and discover their unusual ecosystem. Walk around the lodge and find pleny of local bush tucker and medicines! Fish the barramundi. Watch rare species in their natural environment.
- 4WD Exploration: Enjoy a tour of the Arnhemland in a comfortable 4wd!

You will spend another night at the Davidson's Arnhemland camp.
Included : room & breakfast, lunch, dinner, excursion (shared), local english-speaking guide

Day 9: Terres Arnhem - Darwin - Cairns - Kewarra beach

After 3 days in the wonderful and remote Arnhemland, you will be taken back to Darwin. The 4wd journey will give you the opportunity to ride through the Kakadu National Park. Along the way, you will have some breaks to cool off. You will be back in Darwin around 13h.

Take time to discover Darwin, the northest city of Australia. Head to Stokes Hill Wharf: with its restaurants and caf├ęs, this is the perfect spot to eat at any time of the day or to do some shopping. You can then visit the Museum and Art Gallery, where you will find both local and international works of art, or the Crocosaurus Cove, if you want to see some crocodiles. The Mindil Beach, just off the city centre, is another must do.

Private transfer to Darwin Airport.
Domestic flight Darwin - Cairns (not included)
Transfer to your hotel.

You will spend the night at the Kewarra Beach hotel.
Included : english-speaking driver guide, shared transport, car rental, transfer departure, transfer arrival, room & breakfast

Day 10: Cairns - Lizard Island

Private transfer to Cairns Airport
Domestic flight Cairns - Lizard Island.

Lizard Island is truly secluded from the rest of the world, 240km north from Cairns. Located in the middle of the coral reef, this island has no less than 24 white sand beaches spread over 1000ha of protected areas. There is only one resort on Lizard Island, which ensures you to live an exclusive, unforgettable holiday. To reach Lizard Island, you will first enjoy an overflight of the turquoise ocean. Upon your arrival, you will have several options. You might choose to have a bath into the swimming pool, to play tennis or to read a book in the library. Or you can decide to visit the island on foot or to explore the beaches by canoe. You will then spend your first night on Lizard Island.
Included : transfer departure, domestic flight, room & breakfast, dinner

Day 11: Lizard Island

Enjoy your first breakfast on Lizard Island! You can choose to take it indoors or on the terrace. Then it will be time to decide whether you want to have a dynamic day or to have some rest. In the first case, the beaches, the spa and the swimming pool will be your best friends. In the second case, take the start of one of the 5 walks (40 minutes to 2 hours) or book a tour at the reception. Plenty of optional activities are organized: diving, sunset cruises, fishing tours... There is something for everyone!

Day 12: Lizard Island - Cairns

After breakfast, you will have some extra time to enjoy the pristine nature of Lizard Island and the top level services of the resort. To go back to Cairns, you once again fly over the Great Barrier Reef, which will conclude your trip in a perfect way!
Domestic flight Lizard Island - Cairns.

Connection with your international flight
Included : domestic flight

The Langham Hotel   Sydney

Level : 5*
Included : room

Bamurru Plains Lodge   Bamurru Plains

Level : 4*
Included : all inclusive, room, local english-speaking guide


Level : pool service
Included : room & breakfast, domestic flight, lunch, dinner, excursion (shared), local english-speaking guide

Kewarra Beach   Kewarra beach

Level : 4*
Included : room & breakfast

Lizard Island Resort   Lizard Island

Level : 5*
Included : room & breakfast, dinner

There is an island on the northern tip of the Great Barrier Reef, its beauty is wild, and she seems lost ... Lizard Island offers an immersion in the great barrier remote from everything but not the essential ... and if the definition of luxury is there ...

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