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Potosí region is located in south of Bolivia. Its main town is Potosí. It occupies most of the southern Andean altiplano. It is bordered to the north by the department of Oruro, in the north-east by that of Cochabamba, to the east by those of Chuquisaca and Tarija. It occupies a strategic location because it borders Chile to the west and Argentina to the south, neighboring countries with which it is related by very important road and railways. Much of the terrain of the area is mountainous, but its center is a significant portion of typical highlands of the Bolivian altiplano. The region consists at the east by the Bolivian Cordillera Central interspersed with valleys, but with high peaks. In the Southeast are the Cordilleras Shisha and Lipez, the latter containing very high peaks (the Uturunco ​​to 6008 m and Nuevo Mundo 5929 m). Mountainous region is known for its mineral resources since colonization, the same city of Potosí, located at the foot of Cerro Rico (the "rich mountain") was once synonymous with el dorado, or rather money. Geological resources continue to be exploited.

Hotel Hacienda Cayara

The Hacienda is located a 20km from Potosí. It is a 3550 m above the sea level and it dates from XVIth- century.It has a church, gardens and furniture with colonial style.Today is a property of Aiken’s Family.

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