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Red center

The Red Center extends approximately from Tennant Creek to Southern Australia. In this huge desert, the red colour is literally everywhere: the sand is red, the rocks and mountains as well. The contrast between the electric-blue of the sky and the deep-red of the desert is startling! Alice Springs is the main city of the Red Center, but people do not come to this part of Australia to stay in cities. The main attractions of the Red Center are its natural landscapes and rock formations, formed thousands of years ago by erosion. Besides the well-known monolith of Uluru / Ayers Rock, many rock formations, like the 36 domes of Kata-Tjuta, Kings Canyon, the Devil's Marbles and the West MacDonnell Ranges, are truly spectacular.

Longitude 131 Hotel

Imagine, you are on a place sacred to the Aboriginal people, legendary in the world ... a point on the longitude 131 ... you are in full red desert, in front of blazing mass: Uluru. refinement is present in this exceptional lodge as the spirit of adventure , you will sleep in tents ... an oasis in the desert. Longitude 131 offers the luxury of a direct view of the monolithic legendary. The central restaurant: The Dune House offers refined dishes keeping in mind the spirit of the outback.

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