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Sierra Sur

Cuenca and its colonial treasures, the most important Inca ruins in Ingapirca, the Vilcabamba valley and the Podocarpus park : This area which used to be isolated puts now all the effort to seduce you. It was less touristic than the North for because of the difficulty people had to get there, but the South Sierra is now an unavoidable stop for the travelers going from Ecuador to Peru. The improvement of the road system and the development of infrastructures allow people to travel, this place include the the provinces of Canar, Azuay and Loja. In here the Andes get larger and flatter, their emerald color and their mountain roads will give you a impressive thrill.

Mansion Alcazar

Located a quick walk from the famous square of Parque Calderon. Mansión Alcázar Boutique Hotel is located in a very vibrant area of the city, nearby well known museums and churches. This republic style architectural adds the perfect element of elegance to this already refined structure. Have a refreshing cocktail or glass of champagne out in the jasmine garden and enjoy the fantastic surroundings of this Hotel. Relaxing indoors is also an option, by the baby grand piano sipping a warm cup of tea.

Hacienda Uzhupud

Seated in one of the sacred places of the ancient Canaris, the Valley of the totemic Paute River, at an altitude of 2,200 meters above sea level, the property known as Hacienda Uzhupud with that name, around 250 years of existence (1760) and from 132 years (1881) ago in the hands of the family which is currently in charge of its operation. The old main house of Hacienda, dating from the early twentieth century, never lost its traditional style, rather its attractive architecture and welcoming decor, a beautiful additional infrastructure joined turning it into a Hacienda with character and flavor of old houses making his quarters, their rooms, lounges and restaurants, a valuable and special collection, unique in Ecuador.

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