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The Galapagos

When traveling in Ecuador, a visit of the Galapagos islands is an absolute must! The archipelago is approximately 1000 km off the Ecuador coast and is composed of 3 big islands, 7 small islands and 47 rocky islands, with a total surface of 8000 km2. They became famous since the exploration by Charles Darwin in 1835 who was inspired in such a way by this particular natural life, that he wrote his theory about “The origins of species by means of natural selection”. Classified as a World Natural Heritage by the UNESCO in 1979, the archipelago is a real size observation laboratory for the study of the vegetation and animal life. For the diving lovers, there are many opportunities to discover the great variety of sea animals in an unforgettable experience. The Galapagos islands contain many stunning landscapes: from moon-like places to places of abundant vegetation, they well deserve to be nicknamed as the "Wonder Islands ».

Safari Camp

Galapagos Safari Camp is an alternative way to see the Galapagos, either in addition to a cruise or as unique destination in itself. This eco-luxury tented camp—pioneering in Latin America—follows the African safari tradition in which guests enjoy total comfort under canvas while experiencing nature in its purest form.

Pikaïa Lodge

Pikaia Lodge is a new concept in luxury land-based eco-adventure in the Galapagos Islands, offering the highest levels of comfort and a once in a lifetime experience to our guests. The design of Pikaia has been overseen by Swiss hospitality experts, for a world-class service for the discerning traveler. The Lodge will also be highly advanced in environmental management and the first 5-star facility in Ecuador to become carbon-neutral.

Petrel Cruise

The newest ship in Galapagos, the Petrel offers a first-class way to visit these magical islands. Named after a sea bird common to Galapagos, the Petrel is like its namesake: elegant, swift and silent at sea. A motorized catamaran, the Petrel is designed for comfort and stability and is outfitted with spacious cabins, a comfortable lounge, and Jacuzzi. On the Petrel, we emphasize the remarkable Natural History of Galapagos, selecting guides who are knowledgeable about biology and ecology in addition to having excellent language skills and client reviews.

Ocean Spray Cruise

The new Mega-Catamaran Ocean Spray offers the best performance and comfort in Galapagos Cruising. The elegant design includes a huge sundeck, Jacuzzi and spacious cabins each with private balcony. Her speed, comfort, top guides and itinerary will make Ocean Spray perfect for your Galapagos Cruise Adventure.

Cruise Aggressor Wolf & Darwin

The Galapagos Aggressor has been operating as the premier Galapagos Live Aboard dive yacht since 1993. The yacht was custom designed, built and equipped to offer a safe and luxury dive operation. Every two years the yacht goes through an extensive dry-dock. They have been granted permits for the Galapagos Aggressor issued by the Galapagos National Park since 1994.

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